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the STORY to our STASH

We are Erin and Karla. We've been best friends since our early years of Junior high, after meeting at the rink to play Ringette. Throughout the years we've been each other's rock, and biggest cheerleaders.


Together we both found wonderful men to call our husbands and fathers to our children. Combined we have 4 little girls to call our own; ages 4 all the way to 11 years old; and It's these little ladies who inspired us to reinvent
the baby book.


Erin has nearly 17 years experience as a graphic designer and photographer, working with a variety of clients from small companies and startups all the way to premier consumer magazines. Karla has over a decade experience as a marketing guru working with local and national brands.

We can't wait to have STASH + STORY change the way you keep memories.

STASH + STORY Erin and Karla.jpg
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