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COVID 19 Bundle

What an insane time it is in our world right now.

We certainly don't want to make light of such a serious situation, but this is a time in history worth remembering and recording. We have designed a version that is a FREE download the be printed at home, or you can purchase a hard copy. The COVID 19 Bundle is a 10-page Bundle. (5 double-sided pages with prompts, patterns and a colouring page).

We've seen lots of Covid worksheets for kids, but this one is mainly for the parents, use it to record your thoughts, experiences, memories and more. And get your kiddo to colour the colouring page at the end.

Use this LINK to download the free bundle in grey as a PDF. Print it at home (double-sided if you have a printer that does that), hole-punch it and start recording memories.

If you prefer a hard copy, head over to the store HERE to buy that. Hard copies are available in Grey, Blush and Navy accent colours.

A few printing tips:

• Use cardstock to give these a nice feel.

• Make sure your printer is set up to print these at 100% of their size, not shrinking or enlarging the sheet.

• Print them on a laser printer for the best effect - especially if you want to colour them.

Stay healthy and safe! Erin + Karla

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