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FREE Christmas Gift Tag Printable!

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Can we start celebrating yet, officially? It's December so I'm about to get my holiday on.

I started wrapping a few gifts today and in true form I forgot to buy gift tags or sticker labels - ugh! This is not a new thing for me.

One year, I wrote in Sharpie to who the gift was for - right on the gift! Pretty classy, if I do say so myself.

So instead of running out to the store, I thought I'd make my own. And share them with you, obviously.

Free Christmas Gift Tag Printable

A few tips when printing out these beauties:

• Use cardstock to give these a nice feel. For an on-trend look, splurge for the Kraft cardstock at staples, here. But really you can print on any colour because the designs are black.

• Hole-punch at the top to attach with ribbon or twine.

• Make sure your printer is set up to print these at 100% of their size, not shrinking or enlarging the sheet.

• For households with pets who eat string/ribbon etc. print these as labels on Staples' Avery full sheet labels. Cut them out and slap them on your gift and avoid expensive vet bills. (This is my house!!!) You can check them out here.

Happy Giving everyone! Erin & Karla

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