STASH + STORY Ages 11-18 Bundle 


32-page (16 double-sided pages) bundle to extend your book into the older years.

A page for each birthday from 11-18 as well as a birthday questionnaire.


Add this bundle to your STASH + STORY book.


About the STASH + STORY BOX:

The reinvented baby book for modern parents like YOU. Store all of your kiddo's artwork, certificates, report cards, photos and so much more in our included STASH + STORY folders, or simply hole punch the pages with a standard North American 3-hole punch and watch your STASH + STORY box grow. Ample room to get creative on our modern designed pattern pages with photos and hand lettering.



** This listing is for the STASH + STORY Blank Events Bundle, and does not include the STASH + STORY box and other internal pages**

S + S Ages 11-18 Birthday Bundle

SKU: SS–EX–1118G