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FREE Valentine's Cards Printable!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

We're feeling the love over here, already. Especially since it's so cold here in YYC, there's not much to do except snuggle. No one's complaining over here, though.

So since we're in the mood, and Karla is llama obsessed, we thought we'd offer you guys some FREE llama-themed, monochrome Valentine's Cards.

A few tips when printing out these beauties:

• Use cardstock to give these a nice feel. For an on-trend look, splurge for the Kraft or natural cardstock. But really you can print on any colour because the designs are black.

• Make sure your printer is set up to print these at 100% of their size, not shrinking or enlarging the sheet.

• Print them on a laser printer for the best effect - especially if you want to colour them.

Happy Valentine's Day! Erin & Karla

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